HomeAid Launches Reinvigorated Brand

The new HomeAid visual identity exudes a modern, strong and adaptable logo, a new icon element, and updated positioning statements

HomeAid, a pioneer in developing housing and programmatic facilities for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness since 1989, is pleased to introduce a new brand that demonstrates cohesion and continuity HomeAid has across the country throughout its 19 affiliates.

With over 30 years of impact, HomeAid is continuing to reinforce its purpose, strengthen its mission, and advance opportunities to help those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The goal of the rebrand was to freshen HomeAid's identity and opt for a design that is unique, aesthetically enriched, and represents HomeAid's rich history and proven track record. The rebrand brings a new approach to visual communication in printed and digital content with a new color palette, typography, wordmark, and icon. The lowercase aspect of the logo creates balance. The bold, strong typography ensures legibility. The color palette is modern, strong, and timeless. The colors also pay close homage and resemblance to some of HomeAid's past logo colors. There is symmetry within the full wordmark due to the "h" and "d" stems at opposite ends of the logo creating a metaphorical roof covering the entire logo which also pays homage to the last logo. The building's simple geometric nature inside the "h," combined with the lowercase, connotes simplicity.

"We recognize the ever-changing environment and challenges that are continuing to rise with the homelessness crisis and we felt it was time to take a look at how we can position HomeAid to be a source of strength and expertise so we can respond collectively to the needs of those experiencing or at risk of homelessness," says Stacy Greer, Director of National Marketing and Communications, HomeAid. "This was a very collaborative process from conception to completion. Over the course of nine months, we worked closely with all 19 affiliates across the country, so this is very much a community of effort project. I am so proud of the results we were able to achieve collectively while maintaining our mission at the top of my mind. We wanted to ensure that we kept HomeAid's legacy alive yet push forward with a growth mindset."

In addition to the new visual identity, HomeAid has enhanced its positioning statements by updating the Vision, Mission, and Core Values to showcase a more in-depth and reflective view of not only where the organization currently is but where it is headed.

"Today, HomeAid is developing every conceivable type of project both residential and commercial but, more importantly, these life-changing projects include vital community resource centers, emergency shelters, interim housing and ultimately permanent supportive, affordable housing, and even homeownership opportunities. Nothing is outside of HomeAid's bold vision because we see a future without homelessness and we are here to build it," says Scott Larson, Chief Executive Officer, HomeAid.

To see the complete rebrand and to learn more about HomeAid, please visit www.homeaid.org.

Media Contact: Stacy Greer, sgreer@homeaid.org

About HomeAid

Founded in 1989, HomeAid develops, builds, and preserves a variety of housing, including emergency, interim, transitional, permanent supportive, and affordable housing through its 19 affiliates in 13 states. In addition, this includes resource/navigation centers that provide support services to those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. HomeAid partners with hundreds of nonprofit organizations nationwide that provide the housing and support services that help residents move toward self-sufficiency, such as education and job-skills training, financial counseling, physical and emotional support, and much more.

HomeAid has completed over 1,000 housing and outreach projects with a value of more than $288 million. HomeAid has added over 13,500 beds that have served over 484,000 previously homeless individuals. For more information, visit www.homeaid.org.

Source: HomeAid